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Green aftermath …AKA.. “uh Oh”



I wonder how many of drunken idiots will wake up with regret this morning.


….kind of like this




I have a feeling a lot will. I don’t drink and most of my fans know that already, but I did have something green to drink!  It just happened to be wheat grass, barley grass, and sprout juice mixed into my organic pineapple, orange, carrot juice combo.  That’s just how I roll. lol




Nikki Nova


Well I sure have been a slack ass about posting in my blog on here haven’t I?  lol. I admittedly have been pretty caught up in my other work and parts of my life. It’s pretty cool though. I am genuinely happy as a person these days and that is a wonderful thing. After some very difficult years I which a lot of you witnessed from afar) …it’s just a really nice place to be.

I travel a lot with my other career/job and will be for the rest of my life most likely. I am bi-coastal these days…as of last week actually. woohoo!


I do maintain my public FB page  at the following link – ( copy and paste it in your browser if necessary) -


and my twitter-



any other FB pages or twitter accounts are fake just FYI




Nikki Nova



pic from the other day when running errands.






planes, airports…snow…oh my.

I have been doing a lot of traveling over the past few months.  First I was back in AZ (where I used to live). for a coupe of months….then in New Hampshire with my  other/main job ( Non adult stuff)….and then Alabama…..and then North Carolina….and then New Mexico. I didn’t really even participate in the holidays this year. I have so much mail to go through. Some is still being forwarded to me from my mailing address.


Thank you for those of you who took the time to send a Birthday or Christmas present.

Thank you Chris Campbell for the AWESOME  T shirts and book.

Thank you to Atilla for the book as well

Thank you to Rob for the Hot Peanuts, movies…and the thing I am typing on ;)

Thank you to the mystery person who sent me the cheerleader costume off of my wishlist. I have NO IDEA who sent it but thank you soooooo much!!!!


Here’s just a few pics from my birthday and Xmas before that ….just keep in mind…i was traveling.


got cupcakes from my sweetie for my birthday. They were awesome!


My good friend Lisa Boyle’s cat even took part  in my B’day ……..soooo cute! She sent me this pic of him wearing a hat for me, even though I was over 1,000 miles away


Me in a random airport bathroom…which is how I spent most of Nov and Dec and beginning of Jan




I believe this was the Alabama airport above. lol





…i was able to make a pitt stop back on the west coast to see my sweetie for Xmas…



Baked some vegan sugar cookies and snicker-doodles and a huge feast that I did NOT take pics of because it was just me and those I shared the day  with….and we shut our phones off and world out so….ya know.



…then back on another plane…. At least I had a window seat. Look at how exhausted I was.



…and before all of that I was in New Hampshire…




Gonna be traveling quite a bit again starting in February so…..more to come. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. xoxox

Retirement questions…

Too funny. Someone sent me a message telling me that on some various message boards somewhere , people were/are discussing whether or not I am retired because apparently someone just said I was……as if this is somehow new news? LOL.


Let me clarify this for everyone. YES folks…..I  have BEEN retired for YEEEARS from 90% of this industry. I stopped making “B” movies 11 years ago. They were released after that but I stopped making them several years prior. I stopped doing photo shoots for other people (meaning other than for myself and my own website/business) 8 years ago. I will no longer have a pay site in a few months (4 or 5 approx). I still do cam shows from time to time on


and  more private one on one shows at


but….honestly I am just mainly busy with my other career these days.

I went back to school years ago and have been very busy with that. That’s been done for quite some time now and I have just been focused more on that part of my life and  my future. There are only so many hours in the day and it just is what it is.





Given all that has happened over the last 9 years with my stalker and tormentor….I have gone to great lengths to disappear from the public eye and this industry. In this internet age and the fact that the law has far from caught up with technology….I just got really fed up with all of the dark energy/trolls that it attracts and makes it easier for them to invade us girls lives. It’s not worth it to me. I love my other career. I love the people in my life. I enjoy my now (for the most part) anonymity when walking down the street or at the store etc. I never ever had any desire to do B movies in the first place. I did a few  of them many years ago and didn’t like it. I did a few more  ( Busty Cops) 12-13 years ago for a friend who was one of the producers…and I really only did them for her. When I started in this biz  I shot actually film pictures with really professional photographers for actual paper magazines. The internet was not a “thing” like it is today. Our privacy was not invaded. The money was great. Now it’s just a different place and it doesn’t interest me at all. The things these girls do for a damn dollar now is beyond me.  They have such little value in themselves and the market reflects that same low value for it’s female “talent” due to it’s over-saturation full of girls willing to do so much for so little.  That combined with the pirates and thieves all over the web, the 2 main stalkers/tormentors that have made my life a living hell for 9+ yrs , the fact that I actually value myself/my privacy in my “real life” and want no part of any of that bullshit coming into it,  is EXACTLY why I have been 90% retired from all aspects of this whole industry for many years now.  You guys are apparently just now figuring that out. LOL. Hell people are coming to me about films and videos I shot 9-10 years ago and just now seeing them and thinking they’re new? Clearly they haven’t been a member or or they would know better. Nope. They’re just now seeing stolen stuff on some bullshit pirate site or file trading site or some other form of  thievery based site and thinking it’s new, or simply not realizing how long ago it was actually shot.




As for those wondering why I didn’t “announce” it…..???  Well honeslty…I mean…why would I ?   Given the reasons for my choosing to retire years ago and the fact that I am trying to avoid the spotlight/attention and like to keep the details of my real life private……what would the point of announcing it be? It would just draw more attention to me that I do not want. I think maybe by me explaining it from that perspective is the best way to help you understand why I never did any kind of formal “announcement”. It’s not a lack of respect for my fans so please don’t take it as such. It’s just that for all of the good fans out there, there are also some very dark ones that are not “fans”  so much but  instead psychotic/obsessed/evil/stalkers/tormentors that genuinely mean harm and have proven it time and time again over the years. So again it is not a lack of respect for my fans that I didn’t make some formal “announcement” years ago when I retired from most aspects of this biz, but more of a genuine respect for myself, my day to day real life and the people in it, my loved ones/family, friends, relationship etc that I thought it best to just keep strangers out of my personal life and choices or the reason behind those choices.



I will still be camming from time to time at the links mentioned above and that’s why I say I am only 90% retired but there will come a day when that stops too…..and just FYI, there will be “announcement” for that either. lol. One day I simply just won’t be coming back on cam. That is most likely years from now…but who knows.





As far as my pay site ( closing it’s doors some time within the next 5 months…well…as most of you know it hasn’t been updating regularly for a while. I was under contract for years with a wonderful business partner Buzz Aziani and his company Nomad Media. That is coming to a close  soon.  Buzz and his wife Rachel Aziani have been more than just “business partners”. They have been true friends who have supported me on and off camera. Buzz has known what I have been through with these asshole stalkers for years now and has had my back at every turn. He also knows what changes I have been actively making to my life path/career and kept it all private and supported me in that as well. He knows how busy I have been with school over these last years and with all of the necessary steps I have taken for those career changes and has just said to me


” You know what Nikki don’t even worry about the website for the rest of our time together. I get it. Do what you have to do and when it comes time to shut it down just let me know how and when you want to do it and we will make sure it goes smoothly”.






A lot of the content that he shot of me specifically will still be available on his website. My years and years of content will be available on still but it will be a free website and as such it will be accessible to anyone at any age. That means no nudity folks. The naughty bits will have to be censored and the nude vidoes will be gone. Just a few candid or edited videos will remain. That won’t take place for months though so you still have some time to enjoy those with any current memberships.

Hope that helps answer any and all questions you guys might have…..and I wish you all a wonderful day/week/month/year etc….

I no longer have access to my website email address so you guys can either tweet me at


or my public facebook at:


or a private message at one of the cam links I gave you in the beginning of this blog entry.



Nikki Nova



Stalkers/hackers/spies- how YOU are vulnerable and my story

Ok so…anyone who has been following my own story knows that I have had 2 very serious stalkers/tormentors , and that has been going on for nearly 9 years now. There was the original one  “Joe blow”  that gained access to me after I came out of a coma from a nearly fatal accident I was in November 4th 2005. I was mentally handicapped for a while after that accident. “Joe blow” gained access to me then and then another one  “Jon Doe”,  that saw Joe Blow’s online antics via  sites/message boards,  etc ……used that as an opportunity to do the same to me and worse ….. and make it appear as if it was Joe Blow and not him that was doing it. I do not write anything about these two horrible human beings anymore because I just don’t like giving either of them any attention at all.  Their antics have never stopped however during this entire time. I am still being tormented by them. There have been some “seeming” lulls during that time… but not really. They just have been doing other things to me instead. THAT is why I am writing this…because the things that are being done are things that can…. and possibly are…. being done to YOU by other people.  Hacking/spying tools /programs that I didn’t even know existed, and are used by hackers and spies to gain anyone’s info. Things that your virus protection and anti spyware/anti-malware will never detect or even know about. Tools that access your computer’s cam and/or microphone to listen to your conversations and watch you in your home,  to gain personal info to steal your identity and commit fraud or worse. You do not have to be famous or even known at all to become a victim of these types of cons committed by random perpetrators.



Please read the following links to know what I am speaking of and how to protect yourself and then read what I wrote below for further info;


This is what I am talking about and why it is used. Just FYI it is NOT just women that are victims. So are men and even children and the elderly. You don’t even need a webcam…just a microphone on your computer to access to enable them to listen in to your home and life :



and THIS is how to protect yourself-




Now here’s the thing. I did all of that and thought I was fine and protected. There were quite a few things that had been checked as an “exception” to allow remote access through my firewall and I did NOT personally check those things to allow them as exceptions. I have lost a few computers over the years and couldn’t figure out how these people kept finding out everything about my life and how his online postings were so in line with my life…. and the dates of things that I was doing. Things  that I never even emailed ANYONE about and ONLY spoke on the phone  about them to my closest friends etc. It was because he has been invading my personal life via RAT’s on my computer for YEARS. I thought I was safe when I learned of this and unchecked all of the “exceptions”. I then noticed a couple/few weeks ago that  his online postings were starting to line up with my life again, and just started scanning my computer with every kind of protection I could find and finally one of them found 2 hidden drivers that had been installed several weeks prior.  When I clicked on the info on these hidden drivers this is what it said



Rootkit_Hidden_Driver is a malicious software that can be used to interfere with the normal operation of a computer, gather personal information or ALLOW A HACKER TO ACCESS THE DEVICE REMOTELY WITHOUT THE USER’S CONSENT.

This kind of malware usually arrives in the form of an unwanted download from a malicious website or as code illegally injected into a legitimate website without the webmaster’s knowledge. It can also be received as an email attachment or an instant message from an untrusted source. ”



You see that sentence that is in all capitals?  That’s the one that is extremely relevant to MY situation. I decided to go and look again at the “exceptions” to my firewall to make sure that nothing was allowed that I did not personally permit and SURE ENOUGH….changes had been made again!  Things that accessed my webcam and microphone remotely and through my firewall and around my protection ( anti virus, anti malware/spyware). I  can safely say that it had been that way for at least several weeks again.  I am telling you all this so that you can protect yourselves. Just because you go through the steps to make sure nothing is allowed to access your computer remotely and  all “exceptions” are now  UNchecked in your firewall does NOT mean that you are safe. You still have to look and make sure of  that ….every single day,  because of things like this hidden driver that these perpetrators  installed on my computer. This can happen to you too. BE VIGILANT. Be CAREFUL.

I now have to have the people close to me look at their computers and be educated on this shit. One of my closest friends  just happens to have had his computer AND ipad recently stop working. I don’t think that’s a co-incidence.

As for the people/person that is doing this to me I just have one main thing to say/ask;  Why are you so obsessed with me and MY life ? In all of your spying and stalking and invading my privacy…what you have absolutely seen by now is that I am a damn good person. I am kind and act morally and with love and loyalty to those in my life , even when no one is looking. I do not EVER do anything to anyone with malice. I do not abandon those people that I love and care about when they are struggling with issues that many would abandon them because of.  I live by the very things  that I say, quote and  teach/preach. I do not think about you or speak of you at all. I am busy living my OWN life …and I do not understand why you don’t seem to be capable of doing the same. You need to ask yourself that. You need to work on that. Spend this time and energy on creating a life OF YOUR OWN and working on yourself because if you were a happier and more fulfilled human being with a life of his own,  then you wouldn’t need to go to such extreme lengths to invade. spy on and obsess about someone elses. Someone that you don’t even know, have never met and has zero interest in having anything to do with you. Why? …because of shit like this for starters.  I only allow good people in my life. Healthy people. Kind people. Honest people. Mature and with good, loving energy. The people in my life are not perfect. No one is…but they are honest about their flaws and trying to better themselves. They are NOT committing fraud, felonies and going out of their way to invade, spy on  and/or  hurt/harm other people.  That however IS what YOU are doing , and that is probably why you have no REAL friends to spend time with and and build a life of your own with/around. Why don’t you spend some time working on yourself and that aspect of your OWN LIFE instead? This is sheer insanity. I know that you did in fact use the opportunity with “Joe Blow” to push your way into my life but I also know that you started long before that and I will just leave it at that here.  I know you have been cyber stalking me for AT LEAST 10 -12 years,  just that I know of . Move on. There has to be more interesting people to spy on. Then again who knows how many people you are actually doing this to other than me. Just imagine the life you could create for yourself if you spent that time on YOU.  I mean Jesus Christ man. Move on already. Get some help and get a life. If you can’t afford psychiatric help on your own (and I know you can’t)  then sign up for a local, free program in your area. They have them in every city. You just have to make the effort….and if you don’t love yourself enough to do that then how can you expect anyone else to?




If you would stop thinking and obsessing and behaving in such a toxic way then you would attract the friends, people, love and life that you want for yourself.  It won’t happen instantly because the self work takes time but you have to START or it will never happen and THIS “John Doe” is no way to live.












just checking in…

Been a while since my last blog entry. I still have that kitten I rescued. She has had a lot of chronic health issues.  They are all fixable and we have been tackling them….but it’s taking a long time. She is a trooper and totally worth it…but damn!



This is when they had to shave her and start treating her skin issues. She was sooooo tired from that long day at the vet that she just curled up into a ball and slept as soon as she got home




a couple weeks later her hair had already started growing out and she seemed better but NOPE…it came right back and other issues started showing themselves



we still  have a long road ahead I think.



welcome to the family……xoxo

Last Friday July 11th an abandoned 4 week old  kitten showed up at my door.  They are not even supposed to be away from their mother until they are 8 weeks old so she was REALLY tiny. My friend took her to her grandfather (he’s a vet) immediately while I prepared for his return, meaning….getting my own cat that I have had for 14 yrs put in the bedroom and kitten litter box, food, etc. Usually stray cats and kittens have parasites and other possible sicknesses etc so had to set up his own room/area away from my cat. “Supposedly” the vet said she had/has no parasites. Just dangerously dehydrated (might die) and has a bad cold and infection. Too young for antibiotics for infection and too small for IV to treat dehydration. I  got some wet kitten food ( the natural stuff that’s grain free of course) and put some colloidal silver in it to kill off the infection and get her well. It worked like a charm. Made some all natural drops for her eye and that got better within a couple of days.

My intention was get her better and find her a good home, but I have fallen in love with her. Even though I have kept her and my cat separate , my cat hisses constantly at her through the door and attacked her when I was walking through the room with her IN MY ARMS. The jealousy factor is off the charts. If it never gets any better and I have to keep them in separate parts of the house forever….I will. It’s worth the trouble.


Friday, the day she showed up




Just after the vet that first day



He was in rough shape. Crusty stuff on her butt and tail, eye gooey, week and at deaths door from dehydration and a huge round scar in the middle of her back. Who knows what this lil girl has been through



Just to give you a clear understanding of how tiny she is



Her first bath



Just a few days after she has been staying with me and feeling great!




This is her FAVORITE place to sleep. She climbs up to my shoulder and nuzzles herself into the groove of my neck and passes out. SO cute!





No seriously. How cute is this? How could I not keep her and shower her with love for the rest of her life? My other cat that I have was/is a rescue. I have had her since she was a kitten and that was almost 14 yrs ago. She has been with me that long and treated like a queen.  This little one will be treated like a princess and eventually a queen as well.


Little Astrid came into my life on July 11th 2014. Here’s to our journey together little one. Welcome to the family!





What’s so epcial about THIS Friday the 13th?

Today is Friday the 13th, which is always surrounded by a lot of silly but fun superstition. That’s not all though. It’s also a full moon. Not just ANY full moon though. It’s a SUPERMOON and that won’t happen again for 35 yrs. Oh and as if that’s not enough, this is all happening DURING a Mercury retrograde.  Batten down the hatches folks. It’s sure to be a crazy day.

For those of you that don’t know what a Mercury retrograde is , that means  that the planet Mercury is essentially moving backwards in comparison to us and that affects the magnetic field. This causes  all electrical or mechanical things  to malfunction ,often causing us to have problems with our computers, cars, gadgets, appliances, etc.  Those things can often cause travel and driving delays so always allow yourself extra time to get somewhere and your layover extra long between flights when traveling.

In addition  it also  makes people more emotional and even a little “off” so that  causes miscommunications and chaos.  This makes it the WORST time to sign any legal documents or enter into any agreements. It is also a time when many unresolved things (issues and people) from your past will come back around unexpectedly and seemingly out of nowhere. The good part of that is that you will be given the opportunity to face, resolve and bring closure to said issue.

They happen a few times a year and this one will last into July.


So to recap- Supermoon on Friday the 13th DURING a Mercury retrograde. Batten down the hatches folks !! LOL


Heal the Sacred Place…

Sedona Arizona has been on fire since yesterday (Tuesday May 20th) at 4:00 pm Pacific time. It started at Slide Rock State park in the Oak Creek Canyon area of Sedona. It started as a 20 acre fire and within a couple of hours was 450 acres and with zero percent containment. That was the last update and that update took place at exactly 7:30 pm Pacific time.

I used to live in Arizona. I lived there for many years. Sedona was my favorite place. It is sacred to me and everyone else who has ever been there.  Aside from being one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is also known worldwide for it’s vortexes and healing /spiritual energies. I have friends that still live there. One right in Oak Creek. She is in danger of losing her home as  are many other people and all of the wildlife that calls the Coconino National Forrest their home.  They evacuated the area yesterday. If you believe in God then please pray for this fire to end, the damage to be as minimal as possible and the safety of all people and animals in the area. If you do not believe in God but perhaps DO believe in science and energy then please close your eyes and send as much healing , loving energy top that sacred and beautiful place that is in great danger.


These are just a few pics from a couple of my visits their.








Mothers Day


On this Mother’s Day I would like to send love to and celebrate mothers of all kinds. You don’t have to give birth to a child to be his or her true mother nor does DNA alone make a true mother.


This picture ( left to right) is my mother, my great-grandmother, my grandma and me. My grandma is the one by my side in this picture, as in life. She is almost 87 and still the main mother in my life to this day. I’m so grateful and blessed to have had and still have her in my life on this Mothers Day, as well as everyday prior and everyday after. Thank u to God, the way the stars were aligned the day I was born, and every other contributing factor that blessed me with the amazing women in my life. All that have contributed to the loving , motherly energy that I was able to experience. My grandma, my favorite aunt….and even my younger cousin, because she is the 1st baby I ever fell deeply in love with, and I’m now blessed enough to witness her being an amazing mother to her beautiful child. The magic, love and strength from the women I have always loved so dearly lives on through her. It’s a pretty beautiful and magical process.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers or women that helped nurture and love a child in their absence or during the times that they could not. Xoxo