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Don’t feed the fears

Hey guys.

Just dropping by to post this blog entry . It seemed necessary. Please take a minute to read it. It will probably ease so many fears/concerns, at least a bit.

We’ve all heard or read the various news stories and internet posts/articles about the impending war with N. Korea, and had the sh*t scared out of us about us being attacked with nuclear weapons. There’s even people talking about the “end of the world” and a “nuclear holocaust” Well breath please and stop feeding into the fears/fear mongers.


Over the past month or so, I’ve been talking to several different military friends from different branches/ranks/areas of expertise. I’ve found the most useful info from the weapons information. Without getting into all of the technical stuff that quite frankly made my head hurt, I’m going to put it really simply so that friends like myself (non military and non technical) can easily understand the same info that helped me.


1). N. Korea has been testing missiles for a while now. The furthest they have been able to get them is about 200 miles outside of Japan. They would have to go almost another 3,800 miles JUST to get to Hawaii (closest U.S. state to N Korea).


2). We already have troops, ships, subs, and equipment that can detect and destroy missiles (including nuclear) coming at us. All of that is already out in the ocean and/or or in position near N Korea. This means that if they try to get closer to us in order to reach us , they (N Korea and/or missiles) they will most likely be blown out of the water before they ever get a chance to get to us.


3). We also currently  have China as an ally in this situation. Japan also has the right to act in defense militarily  (even with the treaty they signed after WW2)… well as South Korea.


Now any of my military peeps can correct me if I’m wrong on any of the above….or have been misinformed , but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten good info. There will most likely be a war of some kind, yes. We here in the U.S. will probably be ok for now though, at least provided of course that the Trump doesn’t get on a power trip from this and start fights with other countries … Russia; but I digress.

Instead of focusing on your fears…put out some positive thoughts and intentions.  Pray or meditate  for Japan, South Korea & China, all of them are within N Korea’s missile range. Pray or mediate for any and all soldiers & civilians. Mostly though…please stop all of the fear mongering, it helps no one/nothing. The energy is so dangerously chaotic & unstable right now in the atmosphere/universe , that the best thing we can all do is try to calm it and us the f*ck down. lol


Oh , and of course….provided we all survive this and the next few years…I do have the following request;
For those that voted a certain way once, please don’t do it again. I’d like to live longer, I haven’t even finished school/medical training yet….or released my book. I’d like the planet to survive as well , ya know…that whole environmental issue and all. Yes, that would be nice. Thanks in advance.




Holiday Message to All…

Hey everyone. It is officially 1 week until Christmas and I wanted to say a few things. Firstly, I think most of you know that I have been retired from the adult industry for many years at this point and why. For those that do not, please see previous blog entry. It’s really just a prioritization of time and what not. I have been back in school for 6 yrs. I have  had a few other jobs while in the adult modeling, TV hosting and B movie world anyhow. I just now have another career entirely in integrative medicine. Although I no longer shoot or do any kind film or television anymore, I do still very occasionally connect with fans via live chats/cam. I have a holiday break right now from school so I will be doing a lot of that this week, for those that are interested.


I can be found here ( copy and paste into new browser window) 


I can also be found here for a more one on one , skype AND phone interaction

(copy and paste into browser)  -


I was on streamate yesterday (Saturday December 17th) and I must say that I have always been blessed with the best fans ever. That’s where this holiday message is leading just FYI. So many people are so stressed right now, running around getting gifts or trying to get enough money to get those gifts, food, that outfit for the holiday party or family get together etc. A lot of families have at least a few family members that try to impress each other ,or even out do each other. Every single thing that I just mentioned has a focal point of money and material things. So often people are focused on what they don’t have or what they want ….rather than what they already have, and the ability to be grateful for it. I am so grateful for all of you (my fans). I am grateful for my friends, my health, the family members that I am close with, my animals/furbabies , my education and continuing education & all of the wisdom and strengths that I have gained through my life thus far. I am also grateful for the opportunity to grow and change every single day….simply by still being alive. For those of you that are struggling with money right now, try  writing a meaningful letter to those that u care about  and tell them how important they are to you and why, instead of a useless gift that u can’t afford and they don’t “need” anyhow. Trust me, if you start out by saying that you really want to be able to give them so much but simply can not afford to, and then proceed to write a heartfelt letter about why they matter to you, are loved/appreciated by you and all of the strengths ad positive attributes you see in them as person…….they will treasure that forever. We all could use more of that , don’t you think?


On that note, Happy Holidays to all. To me it’s not about religion. My message is to all. I was born and raised Christian but am now Buddhist and still celebrate Christmas because I love the tradition of it. I am surrounded by Jewish, Hindu, Christian and Muslim friends etc. My message is to all.


Love and Light to you and yours,

Nikki Nova





an overdue post…

I haven’t written in this blog for a very long time. I know. I went back to school years ago and my course load is getting bigger and bigger. In addition to that…you may or may not have noticed that I am not very active with the site anymore. I have been retired from the industry for many years now. I still own my URL ( and it is directed at a different one (clubnikkinova), which is owned by my former biz/site partner. At some point I will have my own site again at just for fans. It will be free but there will be no “naughty bits” showing. lol. I just don’t have the time or means right now to take that on….on top of everything else that I am doing. My former business/site partner is kind enough to allow me access to this blog to update it whenever I find the time and feel the need.

Ok now that we have that straight…..just wanted to say hello…..and maybe send an S.O.S. to Canada. Help! Shit is absolutely insane here. The United States has recently lost it’s damn mind!  LOL


Ok….gotta go now….and check out hahahaha



If there was ever a blog post of mine for you to read in it’s entirety….it is THIS one. I ask that you read it and share it with everyone that you know. If you prefer to share it from my FB page so that there’s no nudity of any kind linked to it, then copy and paste the following link in your browser ( u must be logged in to FB to access it)

Ok…so  here goes: People who have been following me on social media know that I have been undergoing more tests in recent weeks on my thyroid and and most recently pituitary as well. People who have been following me for many years know that I have had a thyroid disorder ever since a nearly fatal head/brain trauma and horse accident that I was in 10 yrs ago. I was in a coma, had multiple brain hemorrhages and was not expected to survive, I obviously did but with permanent handicaps and issues from it. Bear with me ,because I am posting this for educational purposes that may help countless other people. My injuries were extreme at that time. It was years of being mentally handicapped and having ongoing brain seizures, memory issues etc. That all stopped and what I was left with was some vertebrae damage, possible scar tissue on my brain, a horrible thyroid disorder that is with me for the rest of my life (and all that comes with that) and a total loss of my sense of smell. Not bad considering I was not supposed to survive.

My thyroid is so under-active that I have to take 4 pills a day just to function. It’s no different in that way than a diabetic who needs daily insulin. I also have to take hormones because my body stopped making the proper amounts after that accident as well. There are extreme depression issues that are chemical and also anxiety issues at times. This is all normal with a very under-active thyroid disorder, as is weight gain and an often total lack of energy. Thyroid levels and function must be monitored because it is ever changing and therefore the med dosage must often be changed accordingly.
Here’s the thing, the pituitary gland is also tied in to hormonal function and the thyroid. The pituitary is at the base of the skull. If you or anyone you know had had a serious head trauma and now has any problems with the following things:

* chronic and/or debilitating fatigue

* depression

* comprehension/memory

* depression

* anxiety

* weight gain/metabolism

* diminished libido

* difficulty concentrating

* faulty judgement

*emotional outbursts

* difficulty switching from one task to another

*slowed thinking
etc and so on… it is very possible it is from the head trauma, even if it was many years prior. Yes of course get your thyroid levels checked ( I recommend a full thyroid panel) , but also a full hormone panel and all tests related to the pituitary. If there was damage to the pituitary , there will most likely be elevated prolactin levels. That means it is working super hard just trying to do it’s job… but just can’t quite do so.

I just got my pituitary tests back and now I have to have a contrasting MRI done on my brain at the end of the month to rule out any tumors or blockages. That’s standard, and if you have had a serious head trauma like myself it is most likely nothing to worry about ….and simply due to damage to the pituitary from said accident. Thank God the modern medical world now acknowledges the link between the two.

1) If you or someone you know suffers from these things above, get tested.

2). Educate those who know you ( family, co-workers, spouse/mate, kids, friends, etc) so that they understand….you are doing the best you can and living with serious handicaps.

3). Get the medicines you need to help you function with and overcome those handicaps.

4). Be super mindful of what you put in your body. Eat clean, organic, no gmo foods. Eat unprocessed foods. Stay away from all dairy. If you choose to eat meat, buy meat that was raised and fed organically on non-gmo, organic feed. Stay away from farmed fish, only eat fresh/wild caught.

5). learn about transcendental medication…and start practicing it. It can do wonders for cells in the brain.

At the link below is a wonderful resource for information on Traumatic Brain Injuries and the after affects that I am speaking of. In many cases ( like mine), it’s permanent ….so it’s best to know how to deal with and overcome it. Educate yourselves and your loved ones. I highly encourage you to share this with anyone and everyone. It can be life changing for many.

Blessings and thank you for reading,
Nikki Nova

a deep reflection (haha) and firm hot sauce stance.

Being as though it is Friday the 13th and everyone is talking about good vs. bad luck and superstitions and what not, I thought I would write and post a much needed break from it. I am here to take an important stand and end the bullshit…..about a much bigger issue. Hee hee.

Ok….ever since I was a kid and in many cities ( NY, DC, Richmond, LA etc)..whenever in those really hod in the wall restaurants, there was always Siracha on the table and it was good. I liked it as a kid and into my adulthood…but by no means is it the best. It is strange to me how “hip” Siracha has become over the past decade. People wearing Siracha T shirts, Siracha chips in the stores, references to Siracha in the media etc and so on. Total ridiculousness. It’s out of hand…and I am here to set the record straight.

For pretty much ALL Asian dishes (when reaching for a hot sauce), Garlic Chili sauce is sooooooo much better ( and hotter)


Now…when eating Mexican food and reaching for a bottled hot sauce ( not fresh made or salsa)  …well….Cholula is 100 times better than Tapatio.



Period. End of discussion.


You’re welcome. Now let’s stop the madness already.



Nikki Nova


This must be STOPPED!!!

I am calling all of you into action on this:


Please step up and actually get involved in this one. This is being voted on 7/23/15  (see below) . Share this. Spread the word. Contact your representative for your district. If you don’t know who that is…you can look it up  at a link ( in blue) on this page



Write letters. Send emails. Make CALLS!!!  Call your rep and ask to speak to a “staffer in charge of agriculture”. Tell them you are a constituent in their district and are opposed to HR 1599. Petition. Take some fucking action. For real!  Too important not to….and I’m saying this to EVERYONE.
This is not what u might think at first glance. This is NOT about mandatory GMO labeling. It’s to make it illegal (on a Federal level) for those companies who WANT to let their consumers know what’s in their product. In other words they would not even be ALLOWED to label their non-GMO products as non-GMO.


States like Vermont and Alaska have already voted and now they want to repeal those laws that we as a people voted on and passed in those states fairly. That is only ONE thing that this horrible act HR 1599 would do however. GET INVOLVED!!!


Thank you

Nikki Nova






Green aftermath …AKA.. “uh Oh”



I wonder how many of drunken idiots will wake up with regret this morning.


….kind of like this




I have a feeling a lot will. I don’t drink and most of my fans know that already, but I did have something green to drink!  It just happened to be wheat grass, barley grass, and sprout juice mixed into my organic pineapple, orange, carrot juice combo.  That’s just how I roll. lol




Nikki Nova


Well I sure have been a slack ass about posting in my blog on here haven’t I?  lol. I admittedly have been pretty caught up in my other work and parts of my life. It’s pretty cool though. I am genuinely happy as a person these days and that is a wonderful thing. After some very difficult years I which a lot of you witnessed from afar) …it’s just a really nice place to be.

I travel a lot with my other career/job and will be for the rest of my life most likely. I am bi-coastal these days…as of last week actually. woohoo!


I do maintain my public FB page  at the following link – ( copy and paste it in your browser if necessary) -


and my twitter-



any other FB pages or twitter accounts are fake just FYI




Nikki Nova



pic from the other day when running errands.






planes, airports…snow…oh my.

I have been doing a lot of traveling over the past few months.  First I was back in AZ (where I used to live). for a coupe of months….then in New Hampshire with my  other/main job ( Non adult stuff)….and then Alabama…..and then North Carolina….and then New Mexico. I didn’t really even participate in the holidays this year. I have so much mail to go through. Some is still being forwarded to me from my mailing address.


Thank you for those of you who took the time to send a Birthday or Christmas present.

Thank you Chris Campbell for the AWESOME  T shirts and book.

Thank you to Atilla for the book as well

Thank you to Rob for the Hot Peanuts, movies…and the thing I am typing on ;)

Thank you to the mystery person who sent me the cheerleader costume off of my wishlist. I have NO IDEA who sent it but thank you soooooo much!!!!


Here’s just a few pics from my birthday and Xmas before that ….just keep in mind…i was traveling.


got cupcakes from my sweetie for my birthday. They were awesome!


My good friend Lisa Boyle’s cat even took part  in my B’day ……..soooo cute! She sent me this pic of him wearing a hat for me, even though I was over 1,000 miles away


Me in a random airport bathroom…which is how I spent most of Nov and Dec and beginning of Jan




I believe this was the Alabama airport above. lol





…i was able to make a pitt stop back on the west coast to see my sweetie for Xmas…



Baked some vegan sugar cookies and snicker-doodles and a huge feast that I did NOT take pics of because it was just me and those I shared the day  with….and we shut our phones off and world out so….ya know.



…then back on another plane…. At least I had a window seat. Look at how exhausted I was.



…and before all of that I was in New Hampshire…




Gonna be traveling quite a bit again starting in February so…..more to come. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. xoxox

Retirement questions…

Too funny. Someone sent me a message telling me that on some various message boards somewhere , people were/are discussing whether or not I am retired because apparently someone just said I was……as if this is somehow new news? LOL.


Let me clarify this for everyone. YES folks…..I  have BEEN retired for YEEEARS from 90% of this industry. I stopped making “B” movies 11 years ago. They were released after that but I stopped making them several years prior. I stopped doing photo shoots for other people (meaning other than for myself and my own website/business) 8 years ago. I will no longer have a pay site in a few months (4 or 5 approx). I still do cam shows from time to time on


and  more private one on one shows at


but….honestly I am just mainly busy with my other career these days.

I went back to school years ago and have been very busy with that. That’s been done for quite some time now and I have just been focused more on that part of my life and  my future. There are only so many hours in the day and it just is what it is.





Given all that has happened over the last 9 years with my stalker and tormentor….I have gone to great lengths to disappear from the public eye and this industry. In this internet age and the fact that the law has far from caught up with technology….I just got really fed up with all of the dark energy/trolls that it attracts and makes it easier for them to invade us girls lives. It’s not worth it to me. I love my other career. I love the people in my life. I enjoy my now (for the most part) anonymity when walking down the street or at the store etc. I never ever had any desire to do B movies in the first place. I did a few  of them many years ago and didn’t like it. I did a few more  ( Busty Cops) 12-13 years ago for a friend who was one of the producers…and I really only did them for her. When I started in this biz  I shot actually film pictures with really professional photographers for actual paper magazines. The internet was not a “thing” like it is today. Our privacy was not invaded. The money was great. Now it’s just a different place and it doesn’t interest me at all. The things these girls do for a damn dollar now is beyond me.  They have such little value in themselves and the market reflects that same low value for it’s female “talent” due to it’s over-saturation full of girls willing to do so much for so little.  That combined with the pirates and thieves all over the web, the 2 main stalkers/tormentors that have made my life a living hell for 9+ yrs , the fact that I actually value myself/my privacy in my “real life” and want no part of any of that bullshit coming into it,  is EXACTLY why I have been 90% retired from all aspects of this whole industry for many years now.  You guys are apparently just now figuring that out. LOL. Hell people are coming to me about films and videos I shot 9-10 years ago and just now seeing them and thinking they’re new? Clearly they haven’t been a member or or they would know better. Nope. They’re just now seeing stolen stuff on some bullshit pirate site or file trading site or some other form of  thievery based site and thinking it’s new, or simply not realizing how long ago it was actually shot.




As for those wondering why I didn’t “announce” it…..???  Well honeslty…I mean…why would I ?   Given the reasons for my choosing to retire years ago and the fact that I am trying to avoid the spotlight/attention and like to keep the details of my real life private……what would the point of announcing it be? It would just draw more attention to me that I do not want. I think maybe by me explaining it from that perspective is the best way to help you understand why I never did any kind of formal “announcement”. It’s not a lack of respect for my fans so please don’t take it as such. It’s just that for all of the good fans out there, there are also some very dark ones that are not “fans”  so much but  instead psychotic/obsessed/evil/stalkers/tormentors that genuinely mean harm and have proven it time and time again over the years. So again it is not a lack of respect for my fans that I didn’t make some formal “announcement” years ago when I retired from most aspects of this biz, but more of a genuine respect for myself, my day to day real life and the people in it, my loved ones/family, friends, relationship etc that I thought it best to just keep strangers out of my personal life and choices or the reason behind those choices.



I will still be camming from time to time at the links mentioned above and that’s why I say I am only 90% retired but there will come a day when that stops too…..and just FYI, there will be “announcement” for that either. lol. One day I simply just won’t be coming back on cam. That is most likely years from now…but who knows.





As far as my pay site ( closing it’s doors some time within the next 5 months…well…as most of you know it hasn’t been updating regularly for a while. I was under contract for years with a wonderful business partner Buzz Aziani and his company Nomad Media. That is coming to a close  soon.  Buzz and his wife Rachel Aziani have been more than just “business partners”. They have been true friends who have supported me on and off camera. Buzz has known what I have been through with these asshole stalkers for years now and has had my back at every turn. He also knows what changes I have been actively making to my life path/career and kept it all private and supported me in that as well. He knows how busy I have been with school over these last years and with all of the necessary steps I have taken for those career changes and has just said to me


” You know what Nikki don’t even worry about the website for the rest of our time together. I get it. Do what you have to do and when it comes time to shut it down just let me know how and when you want to do it and we will make sure it goes smoothly”.






A lot of the content that he shot of me specifically will still be available on his website. My years and years of content will be available on still but it will be a free website and as such it will be accessible to anyone at any age. That means no nudity folks. The naughty bits will have to be censored and the nude vidoes will be gone. Just a few candid or edited videos will remain. That won’t take place for months though so you still have some time to enjoy those with any current memberships.

Hope that helps answer any and all questions you guys might have…..and I wish you all a wonderful day/week/month/year etc….

I no longer have access to my website email address so you guys can either tweet me at


or my public facebook at:


or a private message at one of the cam links I gave you in the beginning of this blog entry.



Nikki Nova