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just checking in…

Been a while since my last blog entry. I still have that kitten I rescued. She has had a lot of chronic health issues.  They are all fixable and we have been tackling them….but it’s taking a long time. She is a trooper and totally worth it…but damn!



This is when they had to shave her and start treating her skin issues. She was sooooo tired from that long day at the vet that she just curled up into a ball and slept as soon as she got home




a couple weeks later her hair had already started growing out and she seemed better but NOPE…it came right back and other issues started showing themselves



we still  have a long road ahead I think.



welcome to the family……xoxo

Last Friday July 11th an abandoned 4 week old  kitten showed up at my door.  They are not even supposed to be away from their mother until they are 8 weeks old so she was REALLY tiny. My friend took her to her grandfather (he’s a vet) immediately while I prepared for his return, meaning….getting my own cat that I have had for 14 yrs put in the bedroom and kitten litter box, food, etc. Usually stray cats and kittens have parasites and other possible sicknesses etc so had to set up his own room/area away from my cat. “Supposedly” the vet said she had/has no parasites. Just dangerously dehydrated (might die) and has a bad cold and infection. Too young for antibiotics for infection and too small for IV to treat dehydration. I  got some wet kitten food ( the natural stuff that’s grain free of course) and put some colloidal silver in it to kill off the infection and get her well. It worked like a charm. Made some all natural drops for her eye and that got better within a couple of days.

My intention was get her better and find her a good home, but I have fallen in love with her. Even though I have kept her and my cat separate , my cat hisses constantly at her through the door and attacked her when I was walking through the room with her IN MY ARMS. The jealousy factor is off the charts. If it never gets any better and I have to keep them in separate parts of the house forever….I will. It’s worth the trouble.


Friday, the day she showed up




Just after the vet that first day



He was in rough shape. Crusty stuff on her butt and tail, eye gooey, week and at deaths door from dehydration and a huge round scar in the middle of her back. Who knows what this lil girl has been through



Just to give you a clear understanding of how tiny she is



Her first bath



Just a few days after she has been staying with me and feeling great!




This is her FAVORITE place to sleep. She climbs up to my shoulder and nuzzles herself into the groove of my neck and passes out. SO cute!





No seriously. How cute is this? How could I not keep her and shower her with love for the rest of her life? My other cat that I have was/is a rescue. I have had her since she was a kitten and that was almost 14 yrs ago. She has been with me that long and treated like a queen.  This little one will be treated like a princess and eventually a queen as well.


Little Astrid came into my life on July 11th 2014. Here’s to our journey together little one. Welcome to the family!





What’s so epcial about THIS Friday the 13th?

Today is Friday the 13th, which is always surrounded by a lot of silly but fun superstition. That’s not all though. It’s also a full moon. Not just ANY full moon though. It’s a SUPERMOON and that won’t happen again for 35 yrs. Oh and as if that’s not enough, this is all happening DURING a Mercury retrograde.  Batten down the hatches folks. It’s sure to be a crazy day.

For those of you that don’t know what a Mercury retrograde is , that means  that the planet Mercury is essentially moving backwards in comparison to us and that affects the magnetic field. This causes  all electrical or mechanical things  to malfunction ,often causing us to have problems with our computers, cars, gadgets, appliances, etc.  Those things can often cause travel and driving delays so always allow yourself extra time to get somewhere and your layover extra long between flights when traveling.

In addition  it also  makes people more emotional and even a little “off” so that  causes miscommunications and chaos.  This makes it the WORST time to sign any legal documents or enter into any agreements. It is also a time when many unresolved things (issues and people) from your past will come back around unexpectedly and seemingly out of nowhere. The good part of that is that you will be given the opportunity to face, resolve and bring closure to said issue.

They happen a few times a year and this one will last into July.


So to recap- Supermoon on Friday the 13th DURING a Mercury retrograde. Batten down the hatches folks !! LOL


Heal the Sacred Place…

Sedona Arizona has been on fire since yesterday (Tuesday May 20th) at 4:00 pm Pacific time. It started at Slide Rock State park in the Oak Creek Canyon area of Sedona. It started as a 20 acre fire and within a couple of hours was 450 acres and with zero percent containment. That was the last update and that update took place at exactly 7:30 pm Pacific time.

I used to live in Arizona. I lived there for many years. Sedona was my favorite place. It is sacred to me and everyone else who has ever been there.  Aside from being one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is also known worldwide for it’s vortexes and healing /spiritual energies. I have friends that still live there. One right in Oak Creek. She is in danger of losing her home as  are many other people and all of the wildlife that calls the Coconino National Forrest their home.  They evacuated the area yesterday. If you believe in God then please pray for this fire to end, the damage to be as minimal as possible and the safety of all people and animals in the area. If you do not believe in God but perhaps DO believe in science and energy then please close your eyes and send as much healing , loving energy top that sacred and beautiful place that is in great danger.


These are just a few pics from a couple of my visits their.








Mothers Day


On this Mother’s Day I would like to send love to and celebrate mothers of all kinds. You don’t have to give birth to a child to be his or her true mother nor does DNA alone make a true mother.


This picture ( left to right) is my mother, my great-grandmother, my grandma and me. My grandma is the one by my side in this picture, as in life. She is almost 87 and still the main mother in my life to this day. I’m so grateful and blessed to have had and still have her in my life on this Mothers Day, as well as everyday prior and everyday after. Thank u to God, the way the stars were aligned the day I was born, and every other contributing factor that blessed me with the amazing women in my life. All that have contributed to the loving , motherly energy that I was able to experience. My grandma, my favorite aunt….and even my younger cousin, because she is the 1st baby I ever fell deeply in love with, and I’m now blessed enough to witness her being an amazing mother to her beautiful child. The magic, love and strength from the women I have always loved so dearly lives on through her. It’s a pretty beautiful and magical process.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers or women that helped nurture and love a child in their absence or during the times that they could not. Xoxo



The Clippers…..

Ok so I think we all know by now what that racist biggot Sterling  said. Sterling being the owner of the Clippers. My heart goes out to the players on that team more than anything. I can not imagine what it must feel like esp as a black man playing your ass of at every game. Just trying to be the best athlete & team mate that you can be , all the while knowing that a piece of shit like that is looking down on you as he gets richer from your work. That’s got to be a huge inner conflict. I mean you have a family to support, contract to fulfill and career that is very short lived as it is.

I totally understand and support all of the people shouting “boycott” when it comes to the Clippers games. Not to punish the players but to hurt that owners bottom line and apply pressure on him to sell the team to someone else. I totally support that end goal. That being said however, the players will get hurt as well. I mean yes they have contracts and will be paid what they are supposed to be paid according to those contracts no matter what.  That being said , I’m not a sports attorney, professional athlete , agent or team owner…so there may be a way that the players actually can be affected by the team not making money. There could be contractual stipulations for extreme circumstances. This could cause problems for the players who’s contracts are gonna be up soon etc and so on. It’s just an all around shitty situation and it’s all being caused by one horrible, racist, deplorable human being. Such a shame. Such a horrible shame.…this dumb b*tch is trying to say she is me. See link here…  I’m trying not to be mean…but…seriously? First she was using my images and pretending to be me for years… so I nailed her a*s to the wall and reported stolen and copy-written images months ago so now my images are off of the page & she has some other pic of some homely girl but she is trying to say that’s me. Feel free to  let her know  that you KNOW that she is NOT me. I have tried to reason with her. She will not cooperate

Judging from her “friends” I think it’s some foreign weirdo trying to pull some kind of con. There was a gay guy pretending to be me for over 12 years all over the net and creating online relationships with many men, mostly soldiers.  He would have his female best friend talk to them on the phone ( some 310 number out of California) and conned a ton of people out of gifts, money etc. I am STILL hearing from people who thought they were in a relationship with me. THAT is why this kind of sh*t makes me so angry. It’s always some really fucked up motive and people think it’s me. INFURIATING!!!

So now do you understand? It’s not just an issue of someone using our images illegally, which this very page WAS doing for years until I got them taken down by FB. I also own my name though just fyi…and there are so many people I could sue the f*ck out of just for using it without my permission.  Both of those issues aside, it is SO much more than that.

1). People create imposter accounts and try to claim to be someone else to fill some sick sexual need. They start conversing with people and having cyber sex and all kinds of fucked up shit that ruins a known persons reputation. It is damaging on multiple levels ( personally and professionally)

2). They use it to create fake online relationships with people and con them out of money and gifts and all kinds of things. Playing with peoples emotions and creating a very dangerous situation for the person they are imitating in order to further their con.


3). They also do it to steal our traffic and direct it towards another website or business to make money off our hard work.  I have only ONE website that is me and that is That is the ONLY website and url that is actually me. The ONLY one. I want to be very clear about that. Now below are my only public social media pages. You can copy and paste the links into your browser


Unless you see me in a live chat tell you that an account is mine then it probably is not. Understand ?


This is my only public FB page


and this is my only public twitter


NO I do NOT have an instagram so if you are friends with “Nikki Nova” on instagram then it is NOT me. It is an IMPOSTER!!!



Ok so since my last blog update some of the issues have been worked out but still a few need to be handled so hang tight.

1)I DO now have access to the program (E.X.) that runs the site so i was able to edit the last candid update and also FINALLY access the private messages that my members sent to me. I couldn’t access those for like a month! I responded to all so check your inbox’s for those.


2). I was given new ftp information to access the new server but I won’t know it it actually works until tomorrow morning when I have my new video to upload. Fingers crossed on that one


3).  There are preview thumbnails for the updates going up from all of the websites that you guys get access to. When you click on those thumbnails however there is an error. This is not just from my website. This happens from all of the websites inside the members area. I have made Buzz aware of it and I am sure he will get to that as soon as he can. There are a ton of websites that were moved to the new servers so it’s not just my website. HE is handling a LOT of things from this move and they just have to be gotten to in order of priority. You can still access that content from the links at the top of my homepage where it says “bonus sites”. Just do that in the meantime until those thumbnails are fixed.


Thank you for being so awesome during this


Love and Light,

Nikki Nova





Server move- Update on issues

Hey you guys. The last blog entry I posted I let you know that we moved servers a few weeks ago. I asked you guys to let me know if you found things that are not working right. I should have specified to email me at because I STILL do not have access to where you guys message me privately on the site.


* I have no access to the new server to add new updates.


* I have no access to the program we use to run all of the sites, therefore  I have no access to where your private messages to me end up. I also have to way to fix some of the more recent updates that are in the wrong section


Now as you know normally when you log in to my site you also have access to many other sites inside the members area and their updates as well. That IS currently working from the links at the top of my home page….however….. I just noticed this morning that the updates from all of those sites on my main page are not working. I can see the preview pic for each update but when I click on it I get an error, which means you do as well.


I am just letting you know that as of this morning (Sunday February 23rd) I am aware of this and now so is my webmaster so that will be fixed as soon as possible, along with everything else that I personally am having issues with.


I will be on the phone Monday morning to get all of this handled. I have been really quiet and patient because quite frankly there’s much bigger things that needed to be worked on with regards to all of the sites affected my the move, and I just assumed that my stuff would be worked out eventually. It’s been weeks now and I am realizing that I NEED to be the squeaky wheel and get these things handled for you guys so on Monday morning this wheel will be squeekin’ a bit.


If there’s anything that I did not mention that needs to be fixed email me at and let me know what you have found on my site in MY members area that isn’t working correctly.

Just please know that I have a strict spam filter on my email so when you email me you will get a verification email sent back to you. It may end up in your spam folder. You MUST look for it and go through the verification process or that email that you sent to me will never end up in my inbox just fyi.


Thanks you guys!

Nikki Nova










New servers & minor glitches

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give you a heads up. We moved servers a while ago and have been working out some glitches ever since.  I haven’t even been able to access my blog until JUST NOW so I couldn’t even post this to let you know. I uploaded some updates but they are on the old server so they will be moved over and showing soon on the site. Buzz and our hosting company are handling everything great. It’s just that there are way more sites and content housed on our servers than just my site and my site alone has over 17 years of content of myself and other models and that’s just In other words that’s not including the other sites in my members area or the other sites Buzz owns or runs so thanks for being patient. I look forward to seeing you all in my members chat/cam on Friday (Valentine’s Day). It seemed like a good day to have one for all of those without Valentines and not wanting to go out on a “date” on such a night of high female expectations. lol.

If you can’t make that show don’t worry. I will be on today (Feb 13th) , tomorrow (Feb 14th) and Saturday (Feb 15th). I’m back in town for a bit and can  finally do so.


Have a great day and let us know if you are having any problems logging into the site or if you notice any content missing or links not working correctly due to our server move.


Love and Kisses,

Nikki Nova


Pics from a recent trip back east. It was cold!