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Memorial Day

Today is a day to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice . So many men and women have given their lives to protect those of past and future generations , who call the U.S. home.


They fought to not only protect us, but to protect the rights and freedoms that this country was originally founded on. Our forefathers who permanently penned those rights contained in the Constitution of the Unites States of America, did so to protect the future of this country and all who live here. Those soldiers who fought and died to protect those rights, did not do so for it to be destroyed from the inside out ( like what is happening currently). Yes….light those candles, visit those graves , pray for and honor those lives who have been lost. In addition though, how about honoring them EVERY DAY by fighting against those who are currently trying to take away those rights for their own corrupt financial gain. How about  doing the following:


* Removing AND PROSECUTING a treasonous “president”  &  GOP/administration.


* Taking care of our military by not cutting their benefits & healthcare.


* How about NOT cutting 9.2 billion dollars from education of their children and American citizens.


* Not taking food away from the elderly and disabled!


* Perhaps NOT selling 110 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia


*Oh and hey DEFINITELY ….NOT allowing the Saudi’s to invest 20 BILLION in U.S infrastructure that includes our airports and oil pipelines


* How about not selling half of our oil reserves to those same people ?


* also  perhaps not poisoning our oceans and land by cutting 99% of the funds  to keep it clean ( as has previously been allotted before a fossil fuels buddy of Trump’s was put in charge of the EPA).


It would also be REALLY great if we had a president that understood the meaning of the statement “separation of church and state”, and perhaps was familiar with the rest of the constitution as well. That’d be GREAT. It would really help the current situation where civil rights are being pushed backwards, and in some states being completely undone. I mean you know…in say Oklahoma and Texas ( just a couple of examples) where there has been legislation ( some introduced and some already having been passed), forcing women to carry the fetus to full term … when resulting from a rape. Of course women’s rights are being attacked from all angles in regards to being able to have say over their own f*cking bodies and the healthcare of it. That needs to STOP. There’s also the attack on the LGBTQ community. Gay marriages under attack again and in some states already pretty much destroyed.

What does this have to do with Memorial , you may be asking. Real simple….. the people who gave their lives to protect us, the land we call home ( now being poisoned or given away to foreign entities), to protect our rights ( now being taken away in several ways) etc….did NOT do so for it to all be in f*cking vain!


They fought the bloody battles and paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can continue to fight in the ballot box, electing leaders to fight for these rights in the House and in the Senate. In short…let’s honor them EVERY day by continuing to fight against the pure EVIL that is currently trying to destroy our country from the inside out.


It’s time to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!!










just checking in…

Been a while since my last blog entry. I still have that kitten I rescued. She has had a lot of chronic health issues.  They are all fixable and we have been tackling them….but it’s taking a long time. She is a trooper and totally worth it…but damn!



This is when they had to shave her and start treating her skin issues. She was sooooo tired from that long day at the vet that she just curled up into a ball and slept as soon as she got home




a couple weeks later her hair had already started growing out and she seemed better but NOPE…it came right back and other issues started showing themselves



we still  have a long road ahead I think.



welcome to the family……xoxo

Last Friday July 11th an abandoned 4 week old  kitten showed up at my door.  They are not even supposed to be away from their mother until they are 8 weeks old so she was REALLY tiny. My friend took her to her grandfather (he’s a vet) immediately while I prepared for his return, meaning….getting my own cat that I have had for 14 yrs put in the bedroom and kitten litter box, food, etc. Usually stray cats and kittens have parasites and other possible sicknesses etc so had to set up his own room/area away from my cat. “Supposedly” the vet said she had/has no parasites. Just dangerously dehydrated (might die) and has a bad cold and infection. Too young for antibiotics for infection and too small for IV to treat dehydration. I  got some wet kitten food ( the natural stuff that’s grain free of course) and put some colloidal silver in it to kill off the infection and get her well. It worked like a charm. Made some all natural drops for her eye and that got better within a couple of days.

My intention was get her better and find her a good home, but I have fallen in love with her. Even though I have kept her and my cat separate , my cat hisses constantly at her through the door and attacked her when I was walking through the room with her IN MY ARMS. The jealousy factor is off the charts. If it never gets any better and I have to keep them in separate parts of the house forever….I will. It’s worth the trouble.


Friday, the day she showed up




Just after the vet that first day



He was in rough shape. Crusty stuff on her butt and tail, eye gooey, week and at deaths door from dehydration and a huge round scar in the middle of her back. Who knows what this lil girl has been through



Just to give you a clear understanding of how tiny she is



Her first bath



Just a few days after she has been staying with me and feeling great!




This is her FAVORITE place to sleep. She climbs up to my shoulder and nuzzles herself into the groove of my neck and passes out. SO cute!





No seriously. How cute is this? How could I not keep her and shower her with love for the rest of her life? My other cat that I have was/is a rescue. I have had her since she was a kitten and that was almost 14 yrs ago. She has been with me that long and treated like a queen.  This little one will be treated like a princess and eventually a queen as well.


Little Astrid came into my life on July 11th 2014. Here’s to our journey together little one. Welcome to the family!





Thank you for the gifts!!!!

OMG I just got the mail and gifts that were sent to my mailing address

1). Scott Bachman  I can not thank you enough. I LOVE my bras. I mean LOVE them!!! The ones I was worried about fitting ended up fitting even better than I could’ve hoped. Thank you thank you thank you , a million times thank you!!!



2). Alex- Thank you so much for the bracelet!! I LOVE it!  I put that on there forever ago and forgot it was even on my list so it was a bigger surprise than you would think.



3). Thank you for my book on the hollographic universe whomever sent that. There was no note and no buyers address or name on reciept so I have no idea who to thank but Thank you!!!



4)  Thank you for my nude color bra from breakout bras whomever sent me that. There was no note and no buyers address or name on reciept so I have no idea who to thank but Thank you



5). Rob- Thank you so much for my dahn yoga book and book on ayurveda. Also thank you for my other which btw I used towards my wishlist. So basically what you got me that you don’t know you got me is a New York City T shirt like the one John Lennon was so famously photographed in and a couple little necklaces from Forever 21.




6). Thank you for my black tank top and coral short sleeve top  whomever sent me that. There was no note and no buyers address or name on receipt so I have no idea who to thank but Thank you



Thank you , thank you thank you.


I don’t have parents or siblings so what I get from you guys is pretty much it believe it or not. In other words, thank you for everything that you give me because it means more than you know.


I will carry your love and thoughtfulness with me into 2014 and I am a better person for it. So grateful!


Nikki Nova



Answers to the repeatedly asked questions..

Ok… I get asked the same few questions over and over and over on twitter, in same shows, by email, to my public FB etc and so on. Due to this I figured I would just write a bog entry with the answers so I can just direct the future “askers” of these questions to this blog entry. It would save me a hell of a lot of time.

1). Are you doing any more films or are you semi retired/ What are you doing these days?

Answer- No I am not doing anymore films. The only kinds of films I ever did were “B” movies anyway and it was never really something I necessarily was very into. I did a few back in the 90′s when I first started out and then did a few many years later when a good friend of mine was co-producing the silly but funny “Busty Cops” series of B movies and she really wanted me to be a part of it.  The last one of those that I did I made it very clear that would be the last one I would ever do. I no longer shoot with anyone else because there is far too much stuff of me on the web anyhow , and honestly I am trying to start fading away and disappearing quietly … I work towards and plan my future path. That includes being back in school. I went back to school in late 2010 and will be in school until 2020, due to all that I am going for. No it has nothing to do with any aspect of the entertainment industry ;


2).  Do you ever do personal appearances because I would love to meet you or get your autograph?


Answer- No I do not and haven’t for years. I have had a very serious stalker/ tormentor issue for nearly 8 years now so it is simply not safe for me to ever be in a place where I am advertised to be at a certain place on a certain date at a certain time. It’s just not safe so I do not. The best way for yo to “meet me” is in one of my live chats online.


3).  Why didn’t you ever do hardcore?


Answer- It’s just my personal choice. I am just wired in a way that for me personally I just can’t have sex with someone I do not have feelings for and not “into”. Then even when I am in a relationship , that part of my life and what I share with that person is private and sacred to me. It is not something I would be ok with sharing with the bunch of strangers on the internet. It would take away from what we have in my opinion. It would taint it.

Now that is just ME and these are my choices of what feels right for me and my life. Everyone is different and just because I made this choice for myself and my reasons are what they are, that does not mean that I think less of or judge some of my friends in this field that have made different choices.  They chose what they feel is right for THEM. Basically live and let live. It’s that simple.

Ok. Those are the main 3 I get so…there ya go.


Have a great night and may every day that follows be even greater


Nikki Nova






Nothing but love…honestly and truly

Man oh man oh man. What a weird week this has been. I have been watching this nasty Mercury retrograde that we have been in and still are in do it’s thing….and we all know that it’s thing is just chaotic.

So many of my friends have been feeling the effects of it and having just a really difficult time.  A lot of stress and negativity has been coming at them and I hate to see the people that I care about having a hard time. Some of it was uncontrollable but some of it was self created. People over-thinking and feeding their fears based on what they “think” based on what they heard from someone who was making assumptions themselves. I mean couples fighting about problems that aren’t even really problems. Friends fighting about stuff someone else put in their head. Business associates having tension based on assumptions and even people who have had issues with each other in the past but have moved on and it being brought up again but other silly people.

I know that what I am about to say is something that you we all already know but sometimes we all need a little reminder…esp when in those difficult times.

Don’t ever allow the darkness of others infect you. Be a LIGHT that shines for yourself and lights the way for others

Also…for you over-thinkers ( I am one of those myself)- your thoughts control your reality. When you start to have negative thoughts, whether it be about yourself or someone else, you need to catch yourself and make a conscious choice to change those thoughts and adjust your focus.

Now here’s the hardest one- when someone is unkind or negative in any way to you, be very conscious to NOT feed into it, and still be kind and loving and put out good energy. It is so important. It will lead you to a happier life yourself but it also helps everyone you come into contact with and therefore everyone they come into contact with, etc and so on.

On that note, I am by no means a perfect person. I have worked so hard on myself for so many years. I have not always been able to do all of the things I listed above but I am 100 times better than I was even just a few years ago and we are all works in progress.

I hope you are having an amazing weekend and on that note…I am sending anyone who is reading this…and that does mean ANYONE… xoxo



Thank you for the book!!!

I just got another book from my amazon wishlist. It was ” 100 Best Gluten Free Recipes”. I have no idea who bought it for me though because there was no note or receipt or anything in it. Whomever sent it to me, THANK YOU.

The same thing happened a couple of months ago with a book called ” Sound Health”.

Thank you to you both, whomever you are.

I LOVE them both! You have no idea how much a simple and unexpected surprise like that can just make my week.

Love and kisses,

Nikki Nova


the funniest thing that’s happened to me in a while…

Ok so tonight my phone rang and it was a California # I didn’t recognize so I let it go to VM. The message said

” Hey Shug. This is _____ from TMZ. Kevin____ gave us your number. Give us a call. We really want to talk to you. ”

I was like wtf?  As you all know I have had a very serious stalker situation for over 7 years now and it got way worse in the past 3 years so I change my number every few months and give it to NO ONE. Only a few people in my own family have it! I was like ok..why would TMZ want to talk to me. They clearly have the wrong person and I wasn’t going to call the person back because for all I knew it was my stalker trying to trick me info calling and confirming it was me and that he had in fact gotten a hold of my latest new number…BUT..I DO in fact know a Kevin that works in celebrity gossip and works with TMZ everyday but I hadn’t spoken to him in years and he didn’t have my number so it was still a puzzler at that point. I texted the guy back  instead and the text convo went something like this:

Me- Who are you trying to reach?

Him- You! Kevin _____ gave me your number and said you were expecting my call

Me–Yes I get that but WHY do you want to talk to ME? Who do you think this is?

Him-  Mr Knight

All of a sudden the dots were connected and I was laughing my ass off. When he left the message and said “hey Shug” He wasn’t saying it like sugar or honey as many guys call a female. He literally thought I was Suge Knight! I contacted the guy back and told him who I was and he laughed his ass off. I explained that I only know our mutual associate Kevin _____ because I dated his cousin like 13 or 15 years ago!!!  The guy at TMZ was laughing his ass off.

Ok so here’s how Kevin ended up with my number in the first place to even give to TMZ. Last night I was having a text convo with an old friend also named Kevin but it was interrupted by a phone call and then erased from my screen midway through when I was driving. I had to look up THAT Kevin’s contact info in my phone and when I did I pulled up the wrong  Kevin  and sent the last text of the previous conversation I was having with the correct Kevin. The Kevin that works with TMZ thought it was Suge Knight in that text he got from me and saved the number AS Suge Knight in his contacts and passed it along not even knowing it was me.  I let him know today what happened and of course made him promise to never give my contact info out and he of course did promise but also laughed his ass off.  All in all it was hilarious and worth sharing.



Seriously though. Do I look like Suge Knight to you?! lol

Veganism ….

I have been a vegan for years now. It was first started because of some health issues and a need to eat really clean and toxin free. The same reason I do not drink or do anything bad for my body. It’s always so hard when I am traveling or eating out  to find things that I can eat. More and more vegan restaurants and vegan alternatives are out there now and many are in the regular grocery stores….which is great because it’s not always easy to find a Whole Foods when I’m traveling.

Day 27- I am grateful that there are more vegan restaurants and vegan alternatives out there now. Yay for all of the health conscious people out there spreading the word.