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Official Bio of Nikki Nova

Name -Nikki Nova

Born- Hampton, Virginia.
Birth date- January 5th 1978

Hello all!  Most of you know Nikki Nova as a Playboy TV host or centerfold or “B” movie starlet. Here are some things that you may NOT know. This is her personal bio. and the ONLY one that has been verified by her anywhere on the web.
Nikki has essentially been on her own in many ways since she was a kid, but she DID graduate high school and was even the Homecoming Queen. She moved to Los Angeles as a teenager and was going to design school but couldn’t continue to afford the tuition . That’s when opportunity came knocking and she began her journey as the girl we know as Nikki Nova.
She was first discovered by a fashion photographer in a night club.  He was there to meet another model but saw Nikki performing in a burlesque style show at midnight and decided he wanted to shoot her. He was visiting from Paris, France where he lived and worked at the time. He shot Nikki for both European fashion and entertainment magazines as well as U.S. publications. After that she was scooped up by famed erotic photographer Suze Randall and it all just snowballed from there. She continues to be one of the most published erotic models but has chosen to not go into the hardcore end of the adult business despite countless offers to do so.
She has been published in just about every major men’s magazine several times over and starred in countless “B” movies and videos. She also performed for several years in a live comedy show called “the Red Light Comedy District” and toured the various Improv comedy clubs in California, selling out almost every single show. Nikki was raised in the south, loves to cook and has a sarcastic, witty and often dark sense of humor. Although she was born and raised in the south, she has lived in several different states including TX, Fla, KY,AZ, and of course CA.

Nikki Nova writes and paints and has been writing professionally for a few years now for various magazines under a couple of different names. The name attached to her work is decided upon according to the audience/reader and subject matter. She is rumored to also be working on her first book but when asked about it she just smiles. She proceeds to explain that the book has to wait until the “Nikki Nova” part of her life is over, due to all that will be discussed in the book. When asked about her paintings, she says that’s just something she does for herself and prefers to keep that private but there is a “possibility” that they may also be shared when the “Nikki Nova” part of her life comes to an end.  She is a very private person and likes to be anonymous and left alone in her personal everyday life.  She does not do personal appearances of any kind due to a very serious stalker situation that she has had to deal with since 2005.

Her other interests include art, writing, heath, music, healing, metaphysics, natural medicine, medicinal cooking, plant medicine, psychokinesis, yoga, hiking, survival, travel, camping, veganism, ayurvedic medicine, ayurvedic cooking, food, gardening,shamanism, meditation, ancient cultures etc.  Her interest in most of the above started when she was just a child and continue to the present. As far as a traditional education she has High School and some college but was actually deemed gifted as a child and placed in some 7th grade classes in the 4th grade although she did recently go back to school to further her education.

Nikki is a woman of many faces and parts to her personality, yet they are all genuine due to her journey through this life and what she has experienced, acquired and been exposed to and therefore influenced by along the way. She is very passionate, funny, expressive, creative and has an deep intensity to her sexuality. All of those ingredients create a lot of fun and that makes for a woman that is NOT easily forgotten!

For a list of her professional credits please visit her credits page, as the list is FAR TOO LONG to list here.

Breasts- 32 DD Waist- 25 inches Hips- 36 inches
Height- 5 ft 7 inches
Weight- 125

Hair Color- Dark Brown with Auburn highlights
Eye color- Brown
Ethnic Origin – Sicilian, Irish, English, German, Native American

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